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Beck dating history

'Cause, if I don't keep acting like a 'bad girl obnoxious rock star' they might drop me from the show! They seem to fall for each other more and more every day, and they're finally realizing that. Official Game: Alphabetical Improv, because Tori and Beck had their first kiss during this game in the "Pilot" episode.

(While poking Tori (Officer Pedesco) repeatedly) Tori (Officer Pedesco): I am a police officer! (Stops poking her) (Sleepover at Sikowitz's) ~~ Beck (Malcolm): Hey, what time is it? ") (Locked Up) ~~ Beck: So, I heard some of you guys are gong to Yerba.

~~ Tori (Officer Pedesco): I need to see your license and registration! Sorry for that constable.(Grabbing her face.) I don't have a car so I have no such documents in my trouser pockets.

(The Wood) Note: This conversation is staged and in reality it did not happen between Tori and Beck.

(They hug each other until Jade walks over and counts down) (Beck's Big Break) ~~ Beck: Hey, why is it pink?

Tori: Yes, look I put a stripe on it, can't you see the stripe?

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Beck is also another friend, besides André, who Tori is close to.